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Iranian short ‘Akam’ nominated at Russian fest

Iran's ‘Akam’ is nominated for Best Film award at the 2020 Moscow Shorts Int’l filmfest in Russia.

Iranian short flick ‘Akam’ has been nominated for the Best Film award at the 2020 edition of the Moscow Shorts International Short Film Festival (Moscow Shorts ISFF) in Russia.

Directed by Hossein Mirza-Mohammadi, ‘Akam’ narrates the story of a young boy who lives in a border village in Iran’s Kordestan Province.

The boy, whose name is Akam, is assisting his father to hold his sister’s wedding ceremony.

The father sends Akam out of the village to bring brick to fix the main pool of the village, but when he comes back he finds all people dead except one.

Only his mother has remained alive because she is deaf; and she has no idea what happened to the rest.

Some of the cast members of the flick are Mahan Babaee, Raman Amani, Ayda Mahmoudian and Mansour Naderi.

The Moscow Shorts ISFF includes monthly live screening and an annual awarding event in the Russian capital city.

Each month, the submitted works are screened and judged by experts and the winners are automatically qualified for competition and screening at the annual edition of the event.

The 2020 edition of the Moscow Shorts ISFF will be held on October 30.