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Iran commemorates Rumi online

Iran holds a virtual ceremony in junction with a national commemoration day for great Persian poet Rumi.

In conjunction with the commemoration of great Persian poet Mawlawi, popularly known as Rumi, Iran is set to hold a virtual ceremony.

The ceremony will be held virtually on Tuesday along with lectures by some key-note speakers having expertise in the Persian literature as well the poet’s style.   

Rumi, the most famous Persian mystic poet in the world,  has transcended the borders of nations with his poetry and mysticism.

Born in the 13th century in Iran, was a Muslim scholar and theologian. In the Persian calendar, tomorrow, Mehr 8th, is named the commemoration day of Rumi. Many fans of the Persian literature and mysticism across the globe hold ceremonies dedicated to promoting the poet’s poetry, including Rumi's best-known work, the Masnavi (Spiritual Couples).

Rumi's poetry is full of symbols and allusions and invites the reader to contemplation, in their quest for finding God's love.

Here are some of the most popular lines of Rumi’s poetry:

Listen to this reed how it complains, telling a tale of separations

Saying, “Ever since I was parted from the reed-bed, man and woman have moaned in my lament.

I want a bosom torn by severance, that I may unfold (to such a one) the pain of love-desire.

Everyone who is left far from his source wishes back the time when he was united with it.

As for movies themed on Rumi, the new Iranian movie ‘Intoxicated by Love’ is in the making with Iranian actors Shahab Hosseini and Parsa Pirouzfar starring alongside Turkish actors.