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‘The Chef’, series with “magnificent” story: reviews

ifilm TV is currently airing ‘The Chef’ series, which was highly praised by Iranian critics.

ifilm TV channel is currently airing the series ‘The Chef’, which has been highly praised by Iranian critics.

Mohammad-Reza Honarmand’s ‘The Chef’ was well received by the Iranian audience when it was premiered on the TV.

The story of ‘The Chef’ was described by critics as “magnificent”.

The TV series narrates the story of a middle-age couple with four children, who run a restaurant. The family members face challenges that threaten their unity.

Noting that the issue of divorce among young couples has frequently been addressed in films and TV series, critics said the main privilege of ‘The Chef’ is that it addresses divorce among the mid-life couples.

They also hailed how the director managed to use cooking in creating pleasant scenes that attract the viewers, showing food and table decorations.

According to reviews, the performance of Fatemeh Motamed-Arya and Parviz Parastouee added more value to the work and made it a success.

The performances by other members of the cast were also praised as they managed to play their roles perfectly and acted so convincingly.

Despite being admired by millions of people, some reviews criticized how the series ended.

But, as ‘The Chef’ is being aired on ifilm every day at 21:00 GMT, we have to tread cautiously here to avoid spoiling the ending.

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