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Iran’s ‘Untimely’ awarded at French festival

Iran’s ‘Untimely’ is awarded at the One Country One Film Apchat-Issoire Int’l Film Festival in France.

Iran’s feature ‘Untimely’ has been awarded at the One Country One Film Apchat-Issoire International Film Festival in France.

‘Untimely’ was named the Best Fiction Feature at the 11th edition of the French event.

Iranian media reports said on Thursday the festival took place last month, but the judging process took a long time.

‘Untimely’, directed by Pouya Eshtehardi, is about a Baloch young man named Hamin, who is performing his military service at the Iranian border with Pakistan.

According to a synopsis for the film, Hamin takes a day off to attend his sister’s wedding, but his vacation gets cancelled after he is caught smoking cigarette.

While standing guard on the watchtower, he reviews their childhoods.

Hamin in Balochi means the heat of summer.

Iman Afshar, Shayan Afshar, Ayyoub Afshar, Mahsa Narouee, Awa Azarpira, and Mousa Afshar have appeared in the film, along with a number of artists from the Iranian city of Chabahar.