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‘The Outcasts’ casts new light on war

Masoud Dehnamaki has a different approach to war movies in ‘The Outcasts’.

Masoud Dehnamaki, the director of ‘The Outcasts’ war comedy movie, has talked about his different approach towards war movies.

Throughout the history of cinema, many great war movies have been made and have had a wide spectrum of audiences; because, one way or another many people’s lives have been impacted by this brutal social phenomenon.

In Iranian cinema, too, there are some unforgettable serious films in this genre. However, Dehnamaki, as he puts it, tries to view war from a new angle in his best-selling trilogy ‘The Outcasts’.

In war movies, the heroes are mostly fanatics who are ready to sacrifice whatever they have right from the beginning. In his story, however, they start off with reasons that have nothing to do with fanaticism.

It seems that they know nothing of love for their country at first, but the ambiance and the things that they get to live through will change them and turn them into superheroes.

In fact, Dehnamaki, takes benefit of Imam Khomeini’s saying which is, “the warfront is the school that makes human beings”, and he creates round characters that transform from lowlifes to sacred symbols.