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Hollywood to make film on ‘The Godfather’

Hollywood is to make new film ‘Francis and the Godfather’ on American classic ‘The Godfather’.

American filmmaker Barry Levinson is set to make a new film titled ‘Francis and the Godfather’ on 1972 classic ‘The Godfather’.

Oscar Isaac will bring to life Francis Coppola and the ‘Spider Man, Far from Home’ star, Jake Gyllenhaal, will appear in the flick as Robert Evans.

Levinson has developed the script for the film based on a story written by Andrew Farotte in Black List- a website where users are allowed to upload their screenplays.

‘The Godfather’, a classic masterpiece, is about an aging patriarch of a mafia crime family who wishes to delegate his power to his reluctant son.

Young Francis Coppola directed the film that had Marlon Brando, al Pacino and James Caan among its cast members.