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Iranian architect wins gold in Italy’s A’ Design competition

Iranian architect Mohammadreza Qanei wins a golden award at A’ Design Award in Italy.

Iranian architect Mohammadreza Qanei’s residential building has won a golden award at A’ Design Award and Competition in the Italian city of Milan.

The program organizers recently announced that Qanei won the award in the Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category.

The architect has designed the winning project for the Isfahan-based company Polsheer Architects, Planners and Engineers. The project has been implemented in a building in Isfahan.

The A’ Design Award and Competition website wrote “The building is a development of the designer’s old house. In this project, the designer made an attempt to maintain the fundamental skeleton and to develop a larger space for his family.”

“In the beginning, he [Qanei] designed some rooms on the roof and then a larger ceiling to cover all the contents in order to devise an integrated space for the whole family,” it went on.

Another project by Polsheer Architects, Planners and Engineers titled Shahrdari (Municipality) Public Square Plaza in Rasht has also won an A’ Design Award in the Urban Planning and Urban Design Category of the Italian program.

In addition, Keyvani brothers, Nima and Sina jointly won a silver award in the Interior Space and Exhibition Design category of the competition for designing ‘House of the Sun’.

The competition organizers have announced that they will hold an exhibition at the Museum of Outstanding Design to showcase the award-winning designs on June 6.

On June 9, they will hold a special ceremony as well to honor all the wining designers, architects, artists and design oriented companies from around the world.