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ifilm English TV to air finale of ‘Avicenna’

ifilm English TV is to air finale of ‘Avicenna’ series on Sunday night.

ifilm English Channel has scheduled to air the final episode of ‘Avicenna’ series on Sunday night.

The final episode for the series, directed by Keihan Rahgozar, will be aired on November 4, 2020 at 20:00 GMT.

Avicenna, a prominent 11th-century Iranian philosopher, scientist and physician, treats a leading politician of his time who apparently has been poisoned by his three sons.

This revelation unfolds a series of events that leads to the involvement of the then ruler of Iran, Sultan Mahmoud Ghaznavi.

The cast list of the series includes Amin Tarokh, Enayat Bakhshi, Esmaeel Mehrabi, Changiz Vosouqi, Mohammad Abhari, Jamshid Layeq, Ezzatollah Moqbeli, Asghar Mohebbi, Hossein Moheb-Ahari, Rozita Ameri, Hadi Moqaddam, Mehri Vedadian, and Maliheh Nikjoumand.

‘Avicenna’, produced in 1985, will be replaced by ‘The Men of Angelos’ directed by the late filmmaker Farajollah Salahshour.

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