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Lovers of Hussein who could not make it in 2020

Due to the pandemic, Muslims across the world have missed the opportunity to attend the annual Arbaeen processions in 2020.

Owing to the existing pandemic that befalls the world, Muslims are not able to attend one of the largest human gatherings in numbers - the Arbaeen processions.

The corona pandemic has stopped many religious rituals and the Arbaeen walk ritual which is annually held in Iraq for the third Shia Imam is no exception. 

New video clip 'We Salute you from Afar' has been released with a grabbing religious song themed on a feeling of compulsory separation from the beloved that every Muslim across the world is now experiencing due to their inability to attend Arbaeen processions following the pandemic of the killer virus.

Millions of people from around the world travel to Iraq each year to partake in the annual Arbaeen processions, which over the past years have grown into one of the largest human gatherings of any kind.    

Arbaeen marks the 40th day after the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) and 72 of his companions in the Battle of Karbala, in southern Iraq, in 680 AD.