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Hollywood, US government feed each other: David Swanson

American political activist David Swanson says the US mass media are under the influence of small group of companies.

Acclaimed American political activist David Swanson has remarked on how the US mass media are under the influence of a small group of companies that have very limited political perspectives.

The remarks were made in an interview conducted by the 16th Resistance International Film Festival, which will run the second round on November 21-27, 2020.

“Hollywood and US government are feeding each other. Many of Hollywood films are being produced in collaboration with the US Army or other agencies which are affiliated to them. These films are usually interesting for a huge number of audiences and illiterate people,” Swanson said.

In response to it, he thinks, there is a political tendency to award specific films from Iran or other Muslim majority countries at international festivals, he said, “I am not an expert in this field, but such a desire to portrait the negative points in different countries are quite common. However, I think that a proper world would be shaped if people have a fair viewpoint about films that promote anti-Iranian propaganda.”

Swanson, the winner of the US Peace Prize at the US Peace Memorial Foundation, also believes that several topics are missed in American and European films, including nuclear issues, the lies related to Iran, Russia, North Korea, Libya and the regional and environmental dangers, weaponry industry as well as non-violent activities.  

According to the festival’s Public Relations and Information Centre, a total of 3,914 films have so far entered the competition program of the event, out of which 923 works were submitted to the "Health Defenders”, 2,516 to the "Main Competition”, 324 to the "Resistance Prominent Martyr” and 151 to the "Narrations of Pen” section.

The Resistance International Film Festival has attracted the world's independent artists and filmmakers’ attention; and it has also provided the artists and filmmakers from all over the world with the principles, ideals, and values ​​of the Islamic Revolution.

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