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Oscar-winner music for Imam Hussein (AS)

Oscar-winning musician Stephen Warbeck has created original music for one of Iranian films themed on Imam Hussein (AS).

Iranian movie 'Hussein Who Said No' has grabbing music created by Oscar-winning musician Stephen Warbeck.

The music for Ahmad Reza Darvish's film which is themed on Imam Hussein (AS) includes four pieces and was named just as the movie's title 'Hussein Who Said No'.

The film tells the story of the uprising of Imam Hussein (AS) in 680 AD against Yazid, the tyrant of his time. Starring in the film includes Pouria Poursorkh, Hassan Pourshirazi, Farhad Qaemian, Babak Hamidian, Anshirvan Arjmand. The multi-national cast also includes actors from Syria, Kuwait and Iraq, among others.

Stephen Warbeck’s passionate score sweeps across the desert in the film and conveys the magnificence of a battle. Stephen Warbeck is an English composer, best known for his film and television scores. He won an Oscar for his score for 'Shakespeare in Love'.

The film produced in 2012 won the Crystal Simorgh award for the best film at the 32nd Fajr Film Festival in Iran.