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What world media says about Iran great singer

The world's media have published reports on the passing of great Iranian vocalist.

The world media have published reports and features on the passing of great Iranian vocalist Mohammad-Reza Shajarian.

Following the sad news for the death of Iran's most revered vocalist, the world's media described him with awe-inspiring words.

Below are some of such descriptions dedicated to the Iranian iconic music maestro: 

Iran's greatest master of Persian classical music Mohammad Reza Shajarian - The New York Times

An Iranian singer whose voice was regarded as one of his country's national treasures ... a master performer who was hailed as one of NPR's 50 Great Voices of all time - US National Public Radio

Mohammad Reza Shajarian, who revived Iranian classical music -Reuters

The much-loved iconic singer  ... a grand maestro of Iranian traditional music and the most famous vocalists in the country- Al Jazeera

Iran's legendary classical singer and composer Mohammad-Reza Shajarian -CNN

Vocalist who helped define Iranian culture -South China Morning Post 

Iran’s most revered classical musician, vocalist Mohammad Reza Shajarian -Bloomberg

The globally-renowned Iranian vocalist with a distinctive voice passed away on Thursday due to cancer in the Iranian capital city of Tehran.