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Iranian movie ‘Wild Jonquils’ to go on screen in Barcelona

The Casa Asia in Barcelona is to screen Iranian movie ‘Wild Jonquils’.

The Casa Asia in Barcelona has been scheduled to screen Iranian movie ‘Wild Jonquils’.

Directed, written and produced by Rahbar Qanbari, the Spanish gala will screen the Iranian movie on October 10.

The 83-minute movie is about a rural school that receives a warrant from the Ministry of Education, stating that if the capacity is not utilized as required, the school will be shut down.

The school’s only teacher decides to go to the neighboring villages to convince all the parents that education is a must. Things go from bad to worse when he falls ill.

Davoud Rezaee, Negin Ghaffari, Pedram Pour-Abbasi, Hessam Shojaee, Mehran Karami, Afzal Pezeshk, Atefeh Sarfehjou, Mohammad-Rasoul Razzaqi, Negar Shah-Karami, and Leila Shabani are among the cast members of the movie.

The movie has gone on screen at some global events, including the 2020 edition of the Third Eye Asian Film Festival in India.

The Spanish program is being organized in collaboration with the Asian Film Festival Barcelona (AFFBCN), which screened ‘Wild Jonquils’ during its 2019 edition.

This year, the AFFBCN also plans to screen 12 movies from Iranian filmmakers.