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‘The Forbidden String’ to vie at Italian Grocevia Di Sguardi

The Grocevia Di Sguardi - FIERI in Italy is to showcase Iranian-Afghan ‘The Forbidden String’.

The Grocevia Di Sguardi - FIERI (International and European Research Forum on Immigration) in Italy has scheduled to show Iranian-Afghan documentary ‘The Forbidden String’.

Afghan filmmaker Hassan Nouri’s doc, which will be among the competition titles at the 16th edition of the Italian festival, will get its screening on October 11-13.

Most of the screenings of the fest’s selected films are scheduled to be online, according to the official website of the event.

‘The Forbidden Strings’ tells the story of four young Afghan people living in Iran.

They spend their daytime working and use the nighttime to rehearse their music.

They have the burning passion for performing in front of an audience, so after about six months of practicing, they find an opportunity to go on stage in Afghanistan.

Their trip back to the motherland, where they have never seen before, is not easy and the country is not safe for them.

The film, which is a joint production of Iran, Afghanistan and Qatar, has been produced by Iranian producer Afsaneh Salari.

The doc has been screened at a number of global events, including the Cinema Verite in Iran and the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in the Czech Republic.

This year’s edition of the Grocevia Di Sguardi - FIERI is an online event which kicked off on October 6. It is set to wrap up on November 6.