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Watch deception operation on ifilm

In this weekend’s flick on ifilm, you can watch a sequence in which one of the spies carries out a deception operation, but to no avail.

The depiction operation is one of the techniques commonly used by the MKO (Mojahedin-e-Khalq Organization) and Mossad terrorists in Iran to assassinate important figures after the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

They have martyred many Iranian scientists specializing in nuclear energy over the years.

 In one of the scenes, ifilm’s feature film ‘Espresso Coffee’ for this weekend depicts the deception operation to mislead Iranian forces, but it does not go well and the agent fails to pull it off.

The spy movie, scheduled to be aired on October 10, 2020, is about two women who are living abroad.

They are hired by the Mossad terrorist group to go to Iran to get close to Dr. Bahman Arami - a nuclear energy specialist in the field of reinforcing nuclear sites - and extract information about Iran’s nuclear plans and structures.

ifilm English TV to air ‘Espresso Coffee’ on Saturday