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Don’t get mad. Get everything!

With just three episodes left to go, ‘The Chef’ series is set to showcase a marriage proposal that gets out of hand.

In tonight’s part of ‘The Chef’, an Iranian style of marriage proposal goes wrong as the young lady is about to change her mind at the last minute.

The young lady in the scene attached to this piece had already given her consent to marry the young man whose father is about to hand her a proposal ring on behalf of his son. Though she is now appearing to be a double-minded type.

Marriage is a serious business and unlike the western mentality, most girls in Iran give it a good thought before getting married.

The “Don’t get mad. Get everything!” attitude commonly promoted in movies and series produced by the western media, including Hollywood, is quite toxic to your marriage life.

In many Iranian series and movies, however, marriage is depicted as a sacred unity of a man and a woman, which is a first step for them to start a family. Most girls think it over before saying yes to a proposal as they do their best to stay in a marriage unless the man cheats on them.  

You can watch the upcoming episode for 'The Chef' here.