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Jamshid Hashempour praised as First Grade actor

Veteran Iranian actor is awarded First Grade Certificate of Art from the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

Veteran Iran actor Jamshid Hashempour has been awarded the First Grade Certificate of Art from the country's Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. 

The Iranian actor was granted the accolade at his residence by an official attached to the Ministry of culture with the certificate being equal to a PhD based on the academic system.

Mohammad Tabatabaee  was quoted by the media as saying that the actor is one of the best in "various movie genre", adding, "For Jamshid Hashempour, it does not matter if he plays the lead in a film or a supporting role, it is important for him to present a good and acceptable role."

Hashempour made his film debut in 1968 with ‘White Hell’.

His performance in ‘Weak Point’ in 1983 with a shaved head was a turning point in his career drawing filmmakers’ attention. He, subsequently, starred in a number of movies with the same appearance in that year. 

Hashempour’s performance in Iraj Qaderi’s ‘Invasion’ (1984) turned him into one of Iran's most popular actors.

The actor has appeared in numerous movies, including ‘Mother’ (1989), ‘The Devoted’ (1991), ‘Swan Song’ (2000), ‘Journey to Tomorrow’ (2001), ‘Poisonous Mushroom’ (2001), ‘The Fifth Reaction’ (2002),  ‘My Father’s Farm’ (2003), ‘The Stranger’ (2012), ‘Hush! Girls Don’t Scream’ (2013), ‘Kalashnikov’ (2013), and ‘The Days of Love and Betrayal’ (2013).

His performance in ‘Heeva’ (1998) won him the honorary Diploma for the Best Actor from the 17th Fajr International Film Festival.

‘Testimony for God’ (2007) earned Hashempour a nomination for the Best Actor Crystal Simorgh from the Fajr International Film Festival.