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Ravenna Nightmare filmfest to host ‘Echo’

The Ravenna Nightmare filmfest in Italy is to screen Iranian ‘Echo’.

The Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest in Italy is set to screen acclaimed Iranian short animation ‘Echo’.

The 7-minute short work, directed by Barzan Rostami, will be among the short to vie at the Int’l Short Films Competition program of the Italian event’s 18th edition.

‘Echo’ is about understanding and perception of wildlife and environmental abuse, as well as its consequences on human race.

The film has been showcased at a number of global events, including the Smaragdni Eco film festival in Croatia, the R.E.D International Film Festival in Norway, the Snake Alley Festival of Film in the US, and the International Tour Film Festival in Italy.

The flick’s screening at the Southern Cone Int’l Film Festival in Mexico brought it the Best Short Film award. In Polish Wlodzimiers Puchalski Int’l Nature filmfest, it grabbed a Special Jury Prize. And, the Pink City Int’l Short filmfest in India bestowed its Best Sound Designing award upon the film’s sound engineer, Hossein Chorchian.

The Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest is subtitled The Dark side of Movies for the event tries to explore those layers of each film that are obscure. The underlying meanings of a film that have laid beneath the surface and are not simple to see.

According to the official website of the event, “It’s the side of cinema that is never accommodating and always inquiring, making us question the meaning os what we see, listen, perceive”.

This year’s edition of the fest will be held on October 31-November 8.