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Martyrdom of Imam Hussein’s (AS) baby, most painful Muharram incident: Iran actor

Iranian actor Mehdi Solouki expresses his desire to play a role in a movie about the 680 AD Battle of Karbala.

Iranian actor Mehdi Solouki has expressed his desire to play a role in a movie about the Battle of Karbala.

Solouki told IRIB TV2 that he is interested in playing the role of Ali Akbar, the son of Imam Hussein (AS), if a new movie about the Battle of Karbala is to be made, adding that he believes the martyrdom of the baby of Imam Hussein’s (AS) was the most painful incident in Muharram.

Imam Hussein (AS), the third Shia Imam, was martyred along with his 72 companions in the Battle of Karbala in southern Iraq in 680 AD after fighting courageously for justice against the much larger army of the Umayyad caliph, Yazid I.

The day of the tragedy is known as Ashura and falls on the 10th day of Muharram - the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar.

The 38-year-old actor also said of the most tragic incident at the Battle of Karbala from his viewpoint, noting that Imam Hussein (AS) asked the enemy for water to be given to his six-month-old baby, Ali Asghar, but the infant was martyred at the hands of Yazid's forces with cruelty.

Solouki said he has not had the chance to visit Iraq’s holy city of Karbala, which is home to Imam Hussein (AS)'s holy shrine, adding he has an image of the holy site in his mind that he thinks it does correspond to reality upon paying a visit to the city.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Solouki described his trip to Mecca for the Hajj pilgrimage as “the best trip in my life”.

Solouki has appeared in several series aired on ifilm English TV channel such as 'Five Kilometers from Heaven', 'The Fifth Sun' and 'Setayesh'.