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Sheffield Short filmfest nominates ‘Simulation of Mr. Yellow’

The Sheffield Short Film Festival in the UK nominates Iranian doc ‘Simulation of Mr. Yellow’.

The Sheffield Short Film Festival in the UK has nominated Iranian short experimental documentary ‘Simulation of Mr. Yellow’.

Directed by Mahan Khomamipour, the 17-minute flick is nominated for the Best Documentary award at the 2020 edition of the British event.

A synopsis of ‘Simulation of Mr. Yellow’ reads, “A journalist (Shahrzad) who travels to her motherland to make reports for the media in Aleppo, a city which is destroyed in the war, she meets an old Man all covered in yellow dresses. She gets interested in the yellow man and wanted to make a report about him, but the yellow man doesn’t talk at all. So, Shahrzad starts searching for true story of this old man in the whispering of War-torn city.”

‘Simulation of Mr. Yellow’ is a documentary on love and how it makes a man go unaware of whatever that might happen around him.

Set in the war-stricken Syria, a man always wears yellow garments hoping that his beloved will recognize him among the demolished walls of the city.

But, she never shows up and the man must practice his ritual and patience every single day.

Aimed to celebrate new and established filmmakers from around the globe and share the magic of cinematic storytelling through the time-honored format of short film, the “Sheffield Short Film Festival is run by Sheffield filmmakers and is following in the Steel City’s long history and tradition of celebrating cinema. By bringing international short films to the amazing and diverse audiences of Sheffield,” the festival’s official website has written.

Following the postponement of the original festival dates due to the coronavirus pandemic, it will be held on October 30–November 1, 2020.

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