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Sheffield Short filmfest nominates Iranian ‘Galena’

The Sheffield Short Film Festival in the UK nominates Iran’s ‘Galena’.

The Sheffield Short Film Festival (SSFF) in the UK has nominated Iran’s ‘Galena’.

Written and directed by Ezzatollah Parvazeh and produced by Ebrahim Moradi, the 27-minute flick is nominated for the Best Documentary award at the 2020 edition of the British event.

‘Galena’ is about a lonely old woman, living in an uninhabited village in the heart of a desert.

The village, which is a few thousand years old, is home to some miners.

The old woman spends her time living with the miners and has nightly conversations with her woolen doll.

“A near deserted ancient village, enclosed in a desert region, is inhabited only by the men who still work in the lead and silver mines. Amongst them, living alone after the tragic death of her husband and son, is Aunt Esmat, the first female miner in Iran. Now retired and disabled, she spends her days and nights sharing her experiences with the miners and eking out a simple living – always on her own terms,” the SSFF website writes on the story of ‘Galena’.

The Iranian documentary has been presented at some global events, including the Sheffield International Documentary Festival (Sheffield Doc/Fest) in the UK.

According to the event's website, “Sheffield Short Film Festival is run by Sheffield filmmakers and is following in the Steel City’s long history and tradition of celebrating cinema. By bringing international short films to the amazing and diverse audiences of Sheffield.”

Following the postponement of the original festival dates due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 edition of the SSFF will be held on October 30–November 1.

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