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This short is to nurses who are moms in real life

The short Iranian flick 'Don't Worry’ is a homage to all nurses who are mothers with young children in real life.

Categorized as a "Quarantine Film" at a global event, the Iranian short flick 'Don't Worry’ is a homage to all nurse moms taking care of covid-19 positive patients in the hospital.

Don't Worry’ is a film from Iran directed by Mana Pakseresht and narrates the story of a teenage girl who is alone at home on her birthday while her mom is working as a nurse in the hospital because of coronavirus. Her nurse mother from the hospital has a surprise for her which you can see in the attached video.

Being a nurse is hard, being a mom is hard, too. When these responsibilities are compounded by the coronavirus pandemic, things get way too difficult. This short flick depicts a fraction of such hardship that these angels go through on a daily basis.

'Don't Worry' was selected by the San Diego International Airport Arts Program in a program titled, "Quarantine Film Challenge" and announced one of the Audience Choice Award winners of the competition. 

The film is set to be screened in the Corona-Narrative Section of the 33rd Initenation Film Festival for Children and Youth.