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Iranian ‘Born of the Earth’ wins at Screen Power Film Festival

The Screen Power filmfest in London honors Iranian film ‘Born of the Earth’.

Iranian film ‘Born of the Earth’ has garnered the Best First-Time Filmmaker Award at the monthly Screen Power Film Festival in London.

Directed by Mojgan Bayat, the film, which was named the winner of the August 2020 edition of the event, is about a ten-year-old boy who enters a new country and goes through different experiences.

As written in the festival’s official website, “Abdou is a Yemeni war-torn boy whose body is saved by an Iranian captain in the open waters. After entering Iran, he is entrusted to an Iranian family by the captain”.

Ebrahim Tamhid, Hoda Nourizadeh, Majid Fili, Fatemeh Dehqani and Ali Tourbaneh are among the main actors of Bayat’s film.

Bayat’s film has previously won the Best Film and Best Director awards of the Iran’s Isfahan Film Festival. It also was honored at the Roshd Film Festival in Iran.

‘Born of the Earth’ has recently been accepted into the 19th edition of the Dhaka International Film Festival in Bangladesh.

The Screen Power Film Festival screens and celebrates powerful films from all around the world, through monthly, quarterly and annual contests.

The next red carpet event of the festival is slated for July 25, 2021.