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What happened to ‘The Red Line’ actors after all these years

Get to know the fate of actors for whom acting in ifilm series ‘The Red Line’ served as a launchpad.

‘The Red Line’ is one of those series that made a lot of buzz in its time and became very popular because of its new subject matter and addressing the problems of young people, and still has the same effect on the audience after two decades.

In this series, some youngsters run away from home and go on a trip to northern Iran, facing bitter events that change the lives of these young people.

It was thanks to ‘The Red Line’ series that these young people became famous and each of them had different paths in real life. Here are some changes we could find out in the life of each actor:

Shahram Haqiqatdoust

One of the actors in ‘The Red Line’ who shot to fame with this series was Haqiqatdoust. He has been the most successful among ‘The Red Line’ actors and was able to act in many movies after this role as a daring waiter working in a restaurant.

'Goodbye Child’,  ‘Passion to Fly’, and ‘Spellbound’ are shining examples listed on this prolific actor's resume.

Pouya Amini

Perhaps Pouya Amini was more famous than other actors of ‘The Red Line’ before appearing in this show. He already had some professional experience in acting, but the main reason for his fame was playing in the popular series ‘The Red Line’.

This actor has played some roles in works such as ‘In My Heart’ and ‘A Time of Frenzy’.  But his presence is no more felt on the small and silver screens in the same vein as before.

Soroush Goudarzi

Soroush Goudarzi, the Iranian actor hailing from the southern part of Iran, like other actors in this series, became famous by playing in ‘The Red Line’ and continued the same path by starring in the TV series ‘A Passenger from India’. He has acted in a few series while his main activity revolves around acting in movies.


Imam Eshraqi

The story of Iman Eshraqi is a little different from the other actors. After ‘The Red Line’ series, this actor has gone back to his main profession as a medical doctor.


Ali Mansouri

Ali Mansouri had entered the world of music before becoming interested in acting, although he had graduated with a bachelor's degree in acting. After ‘The Red Line’, he continued his activities in the world of acting and music together, and besides acting, he works in the music realm. He is actively involved in writing film scores and arranging pop music.

Among the movies and series in which he has acted, we can name ‘The Swamp Flower’ and ‘The Beat’.

Mahsa Keramati

Mahsa Keramati's first appearance on the silver screen goes back to 1990 in the film ‘You, Whom I Do Not Know’ when she was only 6 years old. Years later after graduation, she took acting courses offered by the Young Cinematographers Association.

Her first professional appearance was in ‘The Red Line’ series. She has acted in films and series such as ‘Mahya’, ‘Something Like a Miracle’ and ‘Cloud House’. She is the wife of Iranian director Rama Qavidel.


Shahram Abdoli

‘The Red Line’ series for this actor marks his acting debut on television. In this series, he had an exciting start with a negative role and became famous. The series ‘Worlds Apart’, 'Lean on the Wind', ‘Until Freedom’ and ‘The Redemption’ are some of his very significant and popular works.