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Ark brothers’ ‘The Skin’ to compete at Leeds Int’l Film Festival

The Leeds Int’l Film Festival in the UK is to host Ark brothers’ ‘The Skin’.

Ark brothers’ horror film ‘The Skin’ has been listed in the competition lineup of the 34th Leeds International Film Festival (LIFF) in the UK.

‘The Skin’, made by Bahman and Bahram Ark in Persian and Turkish languages, with English subtitle, will be screened at the Fanomenon section of the LIFF, which is dedicated to the latest in horror, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller and cult films.

‘The Skin’ that does not feature any well-known names and stars, is a dark fantasy folklore drama about love, magic and superstition.

It tells the story of Araz who lives at home with his mother, Marhamat, who is a witch.

When Araz finds out that she has bewitched him to stay with her, rather than pursue the woman he loves, he turns to the village elders for help.

As Araz strives to get rid of the spell and spends more time with his beloved, his mother begins to grow weaker, forcing him to decide between his heart and his conscience.

Majid Majidi’s ‘Sun Children’ will also be screened at the opening ceremony of the LIFF on November 4.

Founded in 1987, the LIFF is the largest film festival in the UK, outside London.

The LIFF features five program sections, including Official Selection, Retrospective, Cinema Versa, Fanomenon, and Short Film City.

The winning films in Short Film City's section will be eligible for the Academy's Short Film Awards and the BAFTA.

The 2020 edition of the LIFF will be held on November 4-19.

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