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Iran’s 4th Filmmaking Olympiad for Youth announces winners

The 4th filmmaking Olympiad for Youth holds the closing ceremony and announced winners in 2 sections.

The 4th filmmaking Olympiad for Youth in Iran holds closing ceremony, announcing the winners.

The Public Relations office of the 33rd International Film Festival for Children and Youth (ICFF) reported the winners of two sections of the event (Ideas and Movies) were introduced at Saba innovation center.


Awards of the Film Section:

Bronze Medal: Reihaneh Tatari for ‘Corona is Lurking in the House’

Bronze Meal: Mashhad Saadat for ‘Maybe Our School’

Silver Medal: Pokabed Rahmani for ‘Unputdownable Magic’

Silver Medal: Iliya Ramezani for the ‘Life Space’


Awards of the Idea Section:

Bronze Medal: ‘Neighbor’

Bronze Medal: ‘Crystal Simorgh’

Bronze Medal: ‘Survivors’

Bronze Medal: ‘Pedal’

Silver Medal: ‘Chocolate’

Silver Medal: ‘Dung Beatle’


Golden Medal of the Idea and Movie Section:

Golden Medal: ‘Half Time’


Alireza Tabesh, the festival’s director, gave his speech after the national anthem was played and some verses of the Holy Quran were recited.

Then Habib Ilbeygi, the director of the Olympiad, went on stage to thank all those who participated in the Olympiad and helped throughout the process.

Hamed Jafari, the Olympiad’s mentor, thanked everyone and said he had great days with all the participants and it has been a great ride for everyone.

Mahin Javaherian said, “We had such a great time together during the festival, and I want to thank everyone as well, especially my daughter, who was worried.”

Seyyed-Javad Hashemi, another member of the mentors, also said that he has participated in many festivals and Olympiads, but this one has been the best so far.

Established in 1982, the ICFF is an annual film festival held in the historic city of Isfahan, Iran.