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Don't miss out on impeccable ifilm VFX, SFX

This weekend's movie is set to depict on ifilm screen one of the best forms of visual and special effects ever used in an Iranian movie

This weekend's ifilm movie 'The Lost Strait'  has depicted one of the best forms of visual and special effects ever used in an Iranian movie, a rave review says.

Besides the grabbing story of the flick which is themed on Iraq's imposed war on Iran, director Bahram Tavakkoli has done a great job in utilizing visual and special effects in a way the viewer could feel the intensity of a real war on screen.

"'The Lost Strait' has made every effort to provide the best reconstruction of the war scenes and to instill the closest feeling of war into the viewer, taking advantage of the best facilities and advances in the technicality of [Iranian] cinema. It has been very successful, and the film has provided the viewer with stunning images of the war," the review reads.


'The Lost Strait' is the story of one of the most critical days of the Iraq-Iran war, when a group of brave Iranian soldiers defended the Abu Ghraib Strait against the Iraqi invaders.

The movie, directed by Bahram Tavakkoli and produced by Saeed Malekan, won Best Film Crystal Simorgh and Crystal Simorgh for Best Director at the 36th Fajr Film Festival.

‘The Lost Strait’ also led winners at the National Will Manifestation strand, which was held in Arvand Free Trade Zone (AFZ) located in the southwestern corner of Iran.

The flick is scheduled to go on air at 22:00 GMT.