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‘Malakout’ wins two noms at SIN Film Festival

‘Malakout’ wins two nominations at the 2020 SIN Film Festival in the US.

Iranian short animated film ‘Malakout’ (Divinity) has won two nominations at the SIN Film Festival in the US.

Farnoush Abedi’s ‘Malakout’ is nominated for Best Director and Best Film awards at the 2020 SIN filmfest, which is based on the theme of the seven deadly sins.

Abedi’s 11-minute horror animated film is about a piano player who tries to bring his wife back to life but the deal awakens the devil inside him.

It recently won the special awards of the 6th Wolves Independent International Film Festival (WIIFF) in Lithuania as well as the 18th biennial Hiroshima International Animation Festival in Japan.

Also, two of the recent best short film awards bestowed on the flick were from the 2020 DaVinci Int’l Film Festival (DIFF) in the US and the 14th Cryptshow Festival in Spain.

The animation is also the recipient of an honorary diploma at the Silk Road Int’l Film Festival in Ireland, the best animation award at the Black Country Horror Shorts Film Festival 2020 in the UK, and two awards at the Florida Animation Festival of the US.

The SIN Film Festival serves to showcase the best of indie horror from around the world and to connect filmmakers with fans, as well as with each other.

The event is slated for October 29 - November 1, 2020.