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‘The World’s Last House’ to vie at Exground Film Festival

Iranian short ‘The World’s Last House’ is to vie at the 2020 Exground Film Festival in Germany.

Iranian short film ‘The World’s Last House’ has been selected to compete at the 33rd edition of the Exground Film Festival in Germany.

Directed by Amir Gholami and produced by Mahmoud Kordestani, a tagline for the short film reads, “And death is the uninvited guest of the last house of the world”.

The cast members of the short film are Fereydoun Ansari, Mohammad-Raouf Mohammadi, Foad Mardoukhian, Ashraf Khalili and Arsalan Ghaffari.

‘The World’s Last House’ has previously been screened at the 9th Riurau Film Festival in Spain.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Exground Film Festival is scheduled to go hybrid. So the viewers can attend the festival or watch the films from their homes.

The festival aims to provide a space for the audience and cineastes to meet. This year, it will feature over 120 productions.

The event will be held on November 13-22, 2020.

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