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European Film Week announces lineup

The European Film Week has announced lineup.

The European Film Week, which is a festival of movies from European filmmakers opening online in Tehran on November 7, has announced lineup.

A total of 16 films by European filmmakers from 14 countries will go on screen at the festival, including Italy, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, and Austria.

The lineup includes ‘The Conductor’ by Maria Peters (Netherlands), ‘Sister’ by Ursula Meier (Switzerland), ‘Transit’ by Christian Petzold (Germany), ‘Truman’ by Cesc Gay (Spain), and ‘Little Joe’ by Jessica Hausner (Austria).

Also listed in the screening program are ‘The Clowns’ which is a 1970 mockumentary film by Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini and Greek documentary film ‘When Tomatoes Met Wagner’ by Marianna Economou.

The festival, which was held in various cities of Iran for the past three years, will go online this year in Tehran, and the movies will be available on Hashure, an Iranian platform providing video on demand (VOD) service for documentary films.

Iran’s Art and Experience Cinema will organize the festival in collaboration with the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC).

Some ten filmmakers from Europe and Iran are scheduled to hold several workshops online during the event.

The European Film Week will be held on November 7-16, 2020.

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