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Tryon Int’l Film Festival awards ‘Weekend’

The 2020 Tryon Int'l Film Festival in the US has awarded Iranian short film ‘Weekend’.

The 2020 Tryon International Film Festival (TRIFF) in the US has awarded Iranian short film ‘Weekend’.

The 6th edition of the American film event bestowed the best narrative short film award upon Ario Motevaqe’s debut film.

‘Weekend’ is about two families who go to a park for a picnic during the weekend. After finishing their meal, they reveal the real reason why they are there.

Fardin Qaderi, Mostafa Latifikhah, Sahar Taherkhani, Maliheh Esfandiyari and Bardiya Shariati are the cast members of the short.

‘The Weekend’ recently grabbed the Best Graveyard Shift Short award from the 51st Nashville Film Festival in the US as well as the best short film award at the 17th Sedicicorto International Film Festival in Italy.

Late September, ‘Weekend’ took home the Long-Short film award from the 2020 edition of KinoDrome International Motion Picture and Screenplay Festival in the US.

This year, the TRIFF curated 89 films for the festival. Each featured a 1-2 minute personal intro; and immediately after, the films were followed by a 3-8 minute zoom interview.

The 2020 TRIFF held the virtual event on October 9-11.