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If you love God, God will love you back

Here is a spiritual moment from ifilm hit series ‘Leila’s Loneliness’.

In the series 'Leila's loneliness' themed on spirituality, there is a tipping point in which the main actress chooses to wear the Islamic Hijab, Chador.

The symbolic scene you can view in the attached video shows when a human takes one step, God will take 100 steps towards him.

A narration with deep meanings in the opening scene says, “If you love God, God will love you back.”

With this pandemic around the globe, we feel more than ever the importance of spirituality in our life. Many Iranian series themed on spirituality, including ‘Leila’s Loneliness’, can be a healer for our soul with the depiction of elevated meanings related to love and spirituality.

‘Leila’s Loneliness’ is the story of a girl from a rich family who travels from the US to her ancestral homeland, Iran, and falls in love with Mohammad, the custodian of a mausoleum who is a religious man.

Despite ideological differences, Leila finds peace in Mohammad’s austere and spiritual lifestyle and gets married to him. Leila faces many ordeals and hardships in her life, but her faith helps her overcome them.

You can view this series on ifilm website by clicking here.