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France, Germany, UK to close movie theaters

Germany, France, and the UK are to reclose movie theaters due to coronavirus pandemic.

Officials of Germany, France, and the UK have ordered reclosing of movie theaters due to the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Some countries in Europe announced that all movie theaters will be closed for at least one month in order to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that the government will implement nationwide lockdown due to the second wave of coronavirus outbreak.

Restrictions in the UK will start from November 5 and all movie theaters will be closed at least until December 2.

Film productions though will be undergoing with observation of the health protocols.

President of France Emmanuel Macron also ordered national lockdown from October 30 to at least December 1.

All the movie theaters will be closed during the announced time and people are allowed to go out only for their urgent needs, including receiving health services. They can also go out for exercise one hour a day.

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel also ordered the closing of all movie theaters as part of the lockdown measures to fight COVID-19 spread.

Germany’s restrictions will start from November 2 and will continue for at least four weeks.

Italy has implemented the restrictions from last week and will probably end them on November 24.

According to the instructions, all movie theaters and restaurants should be closed from 6:00 PM.