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‘The Red Line’ to leave ifilm playlist

ifilm English Channel is to broadcast the final episode of the series ‘The Red Line’ tonight at 22:00 GMT.

The final episode of the series ‘The Red Line’ has been scheduled to go on ifilm screen on November 4.

The series will be aired at 22:00 GMT. The finale will be also repeated the next day at 04:00, 10:00, and 16:00 (all GMT times).

Directed by Qasem Jafari, the 23-episode series is about a number of students who have fled their homes after they went through some problems.

A synopsis to the series reads, “Running away from their troubles in Tehran, a group of young men pack into their car and head for a vacation in northern Iran. Some of them have planned to sell the car and somehow go abroad. They pick up another guy on the way, who is in love with a girl whose family does not approve because he does not have a job or any prospects. As the trip unfolds things do not go the way they had hoped. The plan goes wrong and a bad situation leads to worse until they find themselves in some serious trouble with apparently no way out”.

The cast of the series includes Pouya Amini, Shahram Abdoli, Shahram Haqiqatdoust, Soroush Goudarzi and Ali Osivand.

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