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Trump’s re-election to make John Wing leave US

John Wing says he would leave US if Trump gets re-elected.

Canadian comedian, John Wing, residing in the US has said he would leave the country if Donald Trump gets re-elected.

In a recent interview with the media, the 53-year old stand-up comedian, who has been living in L.A for around 20 years, stated he could not take another 4 years of Trump being in the oval office.

It would be the motivation needed to move back home for the artist originally from Sarina, Ontario.

Although he is not an American citizen and cannot vote, he backs Joe Biden for presidency.

Wing wonders who can tolerate another four years of Turmp’s presidency and refers to his mismanagement in the course of the pandemic which cost lots of artists to lose their jobs.

On the same issue he says, "This guy thinks he can talk his way out of everything and you can't talk your way out of this".

The polls are being read right now and soon the results will come out to know who will be the next American president.