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'I played my husband's mother-in-law in this series'

Iranian actress playing a key role in 'After the Rain' series talks with ifilm about her experience of acting alongside the lead who is her real-life husband.

Iranian actress Mahvash Sabrkon with a key role in 'After the Rain' series talks with ifilm about her experience playing alongside the lead who is her husband in real life.  

It may come as a surprise to know that in popular ifilm series 'After the Rain', the leading actor who remarries to have a child of his own had his real-life wife co-starring as his mother-in-law in the show.

This is what Ms. Sabrkon told ifilm in an exclusive interview with the channel's website. Below are the select parts of the interview, originally conducted in Persian:

ifilm: Ms. Mahvash Sabrkon, can tell us about your role in ‘After the Rain’?

Actress: I was supposed to play a role in the series ‘After the Rain’ much older than me and it was actually an elderly lady. To get closer to this character's appearance, I had to wear heavy make-up on my face and put on clothes that made me look much older than my age.

I remember at that time there was no internet and many people could not believe that I was the real wife of the leading actor, Mahmoud Pakniyyat. I really liked my role in ‘After the Rain’ and I remember this role had a lot of challenges, but in the end, I managed to act in the best way.

ifilm: What challenges did you experience to portray this role?

Actress: I had a lot to deal with. My husband and I had just moved to Tehran from Shiraz, and it was difficult for us to work and stay away from our children. That's why Mahmoud and me had some arguments before shooting for the series. Though I like to play negative roles, it was very difficult for me to play this one. I had to play the role of someone's mother who was almost my age.

And another challenge was to find someone resembling my role in real life, but at that time I tried very hard to find a frame of reference for Tahereh's character.

You have two eye-catching series ‘After the Rain’ and ‘Prophet Joseph’ on your acting CV, in which you play opposite actress Katayoun Riahi. How does this feel to play opposite this actress?

When the actor playing opposite you knows the etiquette of professional acting, it is pleasant to work with them, and Ms. Riahi is one of those professionals in our country.

ifilm: Any last thoughts for your fans?

Actress: I request my fans as well as the public to maintain their physical and mental health these days as much as they could. In my opinion, despite getting all the unpleasant news, we should think more about our mental health.

‘After the Rain’ narrates the story of serfdom during a time in Iran’s history. A couple is killed in an accident, but their children believe that foul play was involved. They try to find out more about their family and discover the reason for their parents’ death by reviewing the diary of their grandmother, Shahrbanou.