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BangkokThai Int’l Film Festival awards ‘The Badger’

The 2020 BangkokThai Int’l Film Festival awards Iranian feature ‘The Badger’.

The 2020 edition of the BangkokThai International Film Festival (BANGIFF) has hailed Iranian feature ‘The Badger’.

The 6th BANGIFF, which was held on October 25-28 in Thailand, lauded Kazem Mollaee’s feature with best film award.

‘The Badger’ is about a 40-year-old woman named Soudeh. She and her son, Matiar, live in an old apartment.

She faces a strange incident right before her second marriage. Once, she hires a pest control company to solve the termite problems in the apartment.

While the pest control company is working, Matiar is recording the procedures, as this is his hobby.

The next day, Matiar gets kidnapped after school, and the kidnapper asks Soudeh for money. Tremendous pressure is put on Soudeh, but the truth hidden beneath will surprise everyone.

Hassan Majouni, Behnoush Bakhtiyari, Reza Behboudi, Vishka Asayesh, Mehraveh Sharifinia, and Gohar Kheirandish are on the cast list of ‘The Badger’.

The Iranian feature is the winner of a nomination for best film award at the 13th Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival in the US, underway until November 15.

The flick recently won the Best Narrative film award at the 27th Austin Film Festival as well as the grand prize for the best foreign feature at the 29th Berkeley Video & Film Festival, both in the US.

The BANGIFF is an annual film contest where many sponsors of the world film industry meet. A total of 2000 films were screened at the previous edition of the event.