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Iran animation defeats coronavirus

Award-winning Iranian animation features a practical solution to deal with the pandemic across the world.

Iranian graphic designer and animator, Parham Manian, has made an award-winning animation showing the world how to defeat coronavirus through unity.

The three-minute animation made by clay motion is themed on how we can deal with the pandemic through global unity and establishing world peace.

‘I Don't See Any Borders, Do You?’ by Manian has gained the Best Animated Film Award at the 2020 San Diego International Film Festival.

The director said in an interview that the animation conveys the message that all human beings regardless of their origin are involved with COVID-19, adding that political conflicts have separated the nations, but we are all human beings regardless of nationality and race.

The young artist also won the Golden Morph Award from Aardman Studios in 2019.

You can watch the director talk about the subject matter of his work as well as the animation.