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Iran mega-director Majid Majidi’s six movies at Oscars

Director Majid Majidi sets a new record as an Iranian filmmaker at the Oscars' International category.

Famed Iranian director Majid Majidi has made a new record at the Oscars, representing Iran in the International Feature Film Category for the sixth time.  

The much-awaited decision to choose the best Iranian movie for the 2021 Oscars was made a few days ago with the latest offering of Majidi, 'Sun Children', announced as Iran's representative at the global film event.  

The decision is a historic moment for the director as it marks the sixth time Majidi has been chosen to compete in the International Feature Film Category.

Here is the list of six movies by Majidi attending at different editions of the Oscars with the flick 'Children of Heaven' winning the first nom for Iranian cinema.

1. ‘Children of Heaven’ in 1999

The flick instantly transported Iranian cinema onto the world map as it became the first Iranian film nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The flick attended the 71st edition of the Oscars.

2. ‘The Color of God’ in 2000

The film revolves around an 8-year-old unsighted boy, Mohammad, who does not let his difficulties stop him from seeing the world. His bitter father does not accept Mohammad’s optimism. The flick is themed on hope, faith and humanity. We see a tangible and inward world through Mohammad’s blind eyes. ‘The Color of God’attanded the 72nd Academy Awards a year after the director’s nomination at the same event.

3.’ ‘Baran’ in 2002

After a two-year gap, the title was selected to compete in the international film category of the 74th Academy Awards. ‘Baran’ is based on an original script by Majidi and set during the time in which many Afghan refugees lived on the outskirts of Tehran. The offering won a number of awards both nationally and internationally for the director.

4. ‘The Song of Sparrows’ in 2009

Just eight years after ‘Baran’, Majidi pushes his luck for an Oscar at the 81st edition of the Academy Awards. In this movie, Majidi depicts the bond between nature and human beings.  Karim is a simple man with a simple life who works on an ostrich farm to support his family in a small village. All of a sudden he loses his job after letting one of the valuable ostriches escape. Now he has to struggle to find any kind of job in order to make ends meet. Desperate to repair his daughter’s broken hearing aid, Karim sets out on his motorcycle to find a job in Tehran.

5. 'Muhammad: The Messenger of God’ in 2016

The memorable masterpiece is a biopic on Prophet Muhammad. The crew includes renowned international names such as Oscar-winning Vittorio Storaro as the D.o.P. Majidi has shown his steep prowess through making a feature with a religious theme.  The 89th Oscars hosted this magnificent offering of Iranian cinema.

6. ‘Sun Children' in 2021

The latest offering of this helmer will be competing at the upcoming run of the Oscars in 2021. The flick’s international bow at Venice Film Fesival was praised by movie critics and audiences alike. Majidi represents his country for an impressive sixth time in the international feature category with this flick. ‘Sun Children’ follows 12-year-old Ali and his three friends who are entrusted to find treasure underground, as they attempt to support their families. The flick is themed on child labor and the element of hope in the life of those children and young adults affected by this social issue.

Internationally-renowned Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi has won the Oscar twice for 'A Separation' and 'The Salesman'. Iranians are wondering if Majidi can repeat this achievement once more in 2021.