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New York City Short filmfest bestows award on ‘Retributive Minds’

‘Retributive Minds’ wins award at the 2020 New York City Short Film Festival.

Iranian short film ‘Retributive Minds’ has succeeded to grab the best foreign-language film award at the 2020 New York City Short Film Festival (NYC Shorts).

Directed by Mehrtash Mohit, ‘Retributive Minds’ made its debut screening at the 16th edition of the NYC Shorts, which was held on October 24-25 in Manhattan.

The film is about a man who returns to his home country expecting to grieve his sister’s death but instead finds himself struggling to reconcile his ideologies.

Ahmad Saatchian and Farid Sajjadi Hosseini play the lead roles. Ali Valiani, Ali Ashmand, Azadeh Khorshid Doust, Kourosh Shahouneh, Hossein Touhidian, and Iman Haj Azimian are also in the cast list.

Mehrtash Mohit is an independent Iranian-Canadian filmmaker based in Toronto. He completed his Bachelor's degree in Iran where he directed a few short fiction and experimental films. Mehrtash moved to Canada in 2011 to follow his passion in an academic environment.

Mehrtash directing credits include the films, Perspective (nominated in multiple Iranian film festivals), Trees Between Us (nominated for the best avant-garde film in Scandinavian film Festival), More Vivid than Sculpture (nominated for best film in Looking for China film Festival),  Fariba (screened at many festivals including, Images International film festivals) and other short films that have traveled the film festival circuits around the globe.

The New York City Short Film Festival is an international competitive short film festival created by filmmakers and dedicated to the short form.