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Iranian ‘No Place for Angels’ vying at FICTS Film Festival

Iranian documentary ‘No Place for Angels’ is vying at the 2020 FICTS Film Festival in Italy.

Iranian documentary ‘No Place for Angels’ is competing at the 38th edition of the Federation International Cinema Television Sportifs (FICTS) in Italy.

‘No Place for Angels’, directed by Sam Kalantari, depicts the hardships women go through to achieve their success in their sports field.

The filmmaker has accompanied the Iranian women ice-hockey team on their various games in South Korea and France. The film, in fact, means to show that anyone can get what they want if they work hard enough for that.

The documentary has participated in various film festivals including the 2020 Kenya International Sports Film Festival and the 12th Belgium Millennium Documentary Film Festival.

The FICTS, headquartered in Milan, aims to promote the value of sports through images.

Despite all the limitations caused by coronavirus, the festival is holding its 38th edition with the slogan of “Let’s start again with sport and culture” on November 7-11, 2020.

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