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ifilm English to air finale of ‘Thousands of Eyes’

ifilm English TV is to air finale of ‘Thousands of Eyes’ on Thursday night.

ifilm English TV Channel has set to air the final episode of the series ‘Thousands of Eyes’ on Thursday night.

The final episode of the series, produced by Mohammad Masoud and directed by Kianoush Ayyari, will be aired on November 12, 2020, at 18:00 GMT.

It tells the story of a famous blind psychologist, Ravandi, who also has a regular advice column in a magazine.

People from all across Iran write to him with their problems hoping he can guide them in the right path. Each episode of the series focuses on one of their stories.

The first is a tale of envy between neighbors living at the opposite ends of the economic divide. When a poor family is asked by their wealthy neighbors to look after their home while they vacation abroad, it's an opportunity to glimpse at how the other half lives, but it also leads to mischief.

The second story focuses on two life-long friends who are also business partners. When disputes about how to run their business escalate into overblown grudge match, it threatens to ruin the lives of their two children who plan on marrying each other.

The third is the story of a young woman whose best friend's brother is handicapped. When he misconstrues her kindness for love, she finds herself in a sticky situation.

The fourth story is about a family living on a tight budget. When the landlord raises the rent, the entire family has to squeeze their budget even tighter to be able to make ends meet.

The fifth story is about an actor who's quit smoking. When his latest role is that of a smoker, and the director insists on it, he finds himself in a difficult situation.

And the final story is about a divorced man who supports his ex-wife and mother who lives alone. When his brother and his married daughter both separately tell him they're in urgent need of money, the man finds himself being stretched to the limit.

Saeed Pirdoust, the late Hamideh Kheirabadi, Kaveh Sammak-Bashi, Behnoush Bakhtiyari, Mehdi Hashemi, Mohsen Qazi-Moradi, Amir-Hossein Seddiq, the late Mehdi Fathi, Akram Mohammadi, Afsaneh Nasseri, and the late Nadia Deldar-Golchin are on the cast list.

‘Thousands of Eyes’, produced in 2014, will be replaced by ‘Chaloos Road’ made by Ahmad Moazzami.