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Ebrahim Hatamikia to take up ‘Prophet Moses’ series

Ebrahim Hatamikia replaces Jamal Shourjeh as director of ‘Prophet Moses’.

Famous Iranian filmmaker Ebrahim Hatamikia has replaced Jamal Shourjeh as director of a new series project titled ‘Prophet Moses’.

Director of the acclaimed movies ‘From Karkheh to Rhein’ and ‘The Glass Agency’, Hatamikia, will take up the TV series project which has remained incomplete over Shourjeh’s illness.

The project is being produced by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) and Seyyed-Ahmad Miralaee.

The IRIB announced, during a press release on Sunday, it has reached an agreement with Hatamikia to implement the project after two months of negotiations.

He is currently rewriting the screenplay to commence making the series as soon as possible.

Speaking to the IRIB, Hatamikia called the agreement a debt of gratitude to the late filmmaker Farajollah Salahshour and said, “In addition, among the numerous stories I’ve made, I see there is an absence of a Quranic story, therefore, I fervently take on this heavy responsibility.”

Miralaee said a team is currently searching for an appropriate actor to cast in the role of the Prophet Moses [PBUH].

He also noted that a cast of Iranian and foreign actors will be working in the series, which will be produced in 50 episodes.   

Frequently mentioned in the Quran, Bible, and Torah, the story of Prophet Moses [PBUH] has been universally recognized as a historical and religious significance.

Originally written by director of ‘Prophet Joseph’ series, Salahshour, the screenplay and directing duties of ‘Prophet Moses’ were taken over by Shourjeh following Salahshour’s decease.

Set to be one of the largest historical productions in Iranian television, the series will cover the time period following Prophet Joseph’s death all the way through the birth and life of Prophet Moses [PBUH].

The only confirmed cast member of the film, so far, is actress Parvaneh Masoumi who will be starring in the role of Pharaoh’s wife, Asiya.

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