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LIFFT India to host Iran’s ‘Shahin’

Iranian 'Shahin' is to take part in the LIFFT India Filmotsav in India.

Iranian feature film 'Shahin' is scheduled to take part in the LIFFT India Filmotsav- World Cine Fest in India.

Salar Tehrani’s cinematic flick, 'Shahin', will be screened at the 4th edition of the Indian event which will take place in the city of Lonavla.

The film is about the life of a policeman and his wife.

Gelareh AbbasiAlireza Kamali-Nejad and Mehran Ranjbar, who are household names to ifilm audience, make three of the leading roles in the flick.

Besides, Bahar Nouhian, Ehsan Amani and Farzin Mohaddes are also among the cast members of ‘Shahin’.

'Shahin’ has already been screened at a number of international fests, including the Bharat Int’l filmfest in India and the Asian film Festival in the US.

The LIFFT India Filmotsav is a green event preserving the nature by keeping everything digital and avoiding paper use.

At the same time, the fest aims to “spread awareness about the menace of Dengue and Malaria along with other airborne disease that result from poor waste management and lack of basic cleanliness in parts of Lonavla that needs immediate attention”, according to the official website of the fest.

This year’s edition of the event is slated for December 25.