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‘African Violet’, rustic scenic design in harmony at home

If you enjoy movies set in the rustic backdrop, the Iranian flick 'African Violet' is a fitting example.

If you enjoy movies set in the rustic backdrop, the Iranian flick 'African Violet' offers the serenity of rural spaces through magnificent indoor design. 

At first glance, the idea of a rustic design for our house may seem impossible as it requires a house in a pleasant rural area which is out of town. However, 'African Violet' shows if you are looking for a warm and intimate environment for your home and enjoy simple and natural decorations, you can use the main elements of rustic style at home.

Watching movies like 'African Violet' can give you an idea about an interior design which is close to the rustic style. You may wonder why having a house with a rustic indoor design can be so appealing. Here are some possible answers. 

There are mainly four aspects of such design which you can barely have in modern interior design. 

Proximity to nature: Materials in rural decorations are obatibed directly from natural materials. These materials are sometimes used intact and sometimes with slight changes in their organic forms in the interior or exterior of a rustic house. The most important choices among these materials in such style are wood, stones and bricks.

Simple and unpretentious: The main feature of a rural layout is its simplicity and unpretentiousness. Such feature creates peace and comfort in our minds. Any decorative item used in a rural space is anything but luxurious and is usually made by the residents of these houses or you can trace some stuff there from nature. Returning to nature is always accompanied by a sense of calmness. The interior design of rural houses is reminiscent of a simple lifestyle far away from the hustle and bustle of our so-called modern life.

Warm color palette: The choice of colors in a rustic style is also a reminder of nature. The colors are chosen in a way to suggest a sense of calmness steering away from sharp or shiny shades. Warm colors such as brown and creamy are more noticeable in this style.

The choice of furniture: Furnishing in a rustic style is based on the principle of naturalness with old future pieces made of hardwood. Plus, handicrafts in certain spots of ​​the house usually add attractive color streaks to our rural space.

Iranian filmmaker Mona Zandi-Haghighi’s latest drama ‘African Violet’ has hit the silver screens across Canada and the US.

‘African Violet’ is about a middle-aged woman named Shokouh who finds out that her ex-husband, Fereydoun, has been placed in a nursing home by their children. She, and her second husband Reza, decide to take care of Fereydoun in their own home. The newcomer affects Reza and Shokouh’s daily life, and unexpected changes take place in the lives of all three characters.