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‘The Heavy Shadows of the Crow’ to land on TweetFest playlist

The TweetFest in the UK is to screen ‘The Heavy Shadows of the Crow’.

The TweetFest in the UK has picked Iranian short film ‘The Heavy Shadows of the Crow’ for its competition program.

The flick, made by Behnam Asadollahi, will be participating in the 6th edition of the British film event on November 24-27, 2020.

The short film shows five men who grow out of soil in a flat desert. The men are led by a crow while some unexpected incidents happen.

A tagline for the film reads, “And the Humans grow out of the soil”.

The latest accolade bagged by Asadollahi’s flick is the special award of the 6th Corto e a Capto - Premio Mario Puzo Film Festival in Italy and a special mention from the jury of the 24th Avanca Film Festival in Portugal.

‘The Heavy Shadows of the Crow’ was also screened at the 10th Baku Int’l Short Film Festival in Azerbaijan, the 13th FILMSAAZ Film Festival in India as well as the 2020 Gatffest Film Festival (formerly the Greater August Town Film Festival) in Jamaica.

The TweetFest is the only networking event of its kind in the UK with the aim of providing a fresh and affordable platform for industry professionals to meet in person and create incredible opportunities in film, television and theatre.