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Favorite cat and mouse become alive, kicking

The popular cat and mouse franchise, Tom and Jerry, shows the live-action version of the animated project.

The favorite cat and mouse franchise, Tom and Jerry, has released a trailer showing the live-action version of the animation. 

Warner Bros. Pictures unveiled a brand-new trailer for the latest incarnation of the franchise titled 'Tom and Jerry' movie, scheduled for a 2021 theatrical premiere.

The new film strays from tradition with live actors and settings. It is written by Kevin Costello and based on Joseph Barbera and William Hanna’s classic characters.

The film marks the latest of the Tom and Jerry franchise, with the first short films of the project made in 1940.

The new movie by Tim Story stars Michael Peña, Rob Delaney, Colin Jost and Ken Jeong as the live-action cast. 

"The two enemies must soon learn to collaborate" in their latest appearance on the big screen, a description for the film reads.