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‘Mandatory’ to vie at TweetFest in the UK

The TweetFest Film Festival in the UK is to receive Iran’s ‘Mandatory’.

Iranian short flick ‘Mandatory’ has been slated to take part in the TweetFest Film Festival in the UK.

Written and directed by Mohammad-Javad Khorsha, the short film will join the competition at the 6th edition of the British event.

‘Mandatory’ is about a firing squad soldier who has been caught in a dilemma.

The young man has doubts about performing the execution of a prisoner after seeing the man with his family.

His uncertainty is not well-received by his commander who is on the verge of retirement.

Soheil Karamyar, Soheil Qannadan, Armin Boshrouyeh, and Fatemeh Radmanesh are among the cast members of the flick.

Khoursha recently won Best Director award for his short flick at the Burien Film Festival in the US.

Besides, the film has gone on screen at a number of global events, including the ifva Awards in China, the Ojai Film Festival in the US, and the Vancouver Island Short Film Festival in Canada.

‘Mandatory’ will also be screened at the 2020 Visioni Corte Film Festival in Italy.

This year’s edition of the TweetFest Film Festival will be held on November 24-27.