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Iran’s doc ‘Asak’ wins award at Chilean filmfest

Iranian doc ‘Asak’ grabs an award at the 2020 Arica Nativa Film Festival in Chile.

Iranian documentary ‘Asak’ has grabbed the Best Long Movie award at the Arica Nativa Rural Film Festival in Chile.

Directed by Mehdi Zamanpour, ‘Asak’ (small hand-mill in Persian) is about the life of a blind 80-year-old man who lives in southern Iran.

He goes to the mountains and finds the rock he needs by touching and tasting them, and earns a living by making and selling utensils.

He has been gifted with the knowledge of interpreting dreams while his strong daughter has a world of her own.

The documentary has participated in several festivals, including the 20th International Golden Saffron Documentary Film Festival in Turkey, the 29th International Festival of Ethnological Film in Serbia, the 17th Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in the US, and the 13th A Film for Peace Festival in Italy.

The Arica Nativa film festival aims to make audience (children, youth, and adults) aware of the rural heritages around the world.

The 2020 edition of the festival was held on November 6-15.

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