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Cinema ifilm highlights children cinema in Iran

Watch ifilm exclusive report on children's cinema in Iran.

ifilm English TV has aired an exclusive report about movies related to children's cinema in Iran.

ifilm has interviewed actors Ramin Nasser-Nassir and Houman Haji-Abdollahi, actor and director Seyyed-Javad Hashemi, film director Amir Mashhadi-Abbas, as well as director of Farabi Cinema Foundation, Alireza Tabesh.

The show presents cuts from some popular children's movies, including ‘The Key’ (1985) by Ebrahim Forouzesh, ‘White Forehead 3’ (2018) by Seyyed-Javad Hashemi, ‘Douch’ (2018) by Amir Mashhadi-Abbas, and ‘Sun Children’ (2019) by Majid Majidi.

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